You can expect to see a rich carpet of machair on the isle of Harris and isle of Lewis from our campervan.

The dense machairs displays red clover, harebell, silverweed, scabious, ladies bedstraw, thrift, wild thyme, ragged robin, sea plantain, thistle, vetch, ragwort, yarrow, yellow bird’s foot trefoil, bog cotton, biting stonecrop, buttercups, sea campion, sea mayweed, daisies, bell heather, cross-leaved heather, ling heather, heath spotted orchid, Hebridean spotted orchid and Northern marsh orchid.

Red clover, silverweed and buttercups on Northton Beach:

Northern marsh orchid, red clover and eye bright:

Heath spotted orchid and grasses at Bosta beach:

Heath spotted orchid, cross-leaved heather and ling heather at Bosta beach:

Hebridean spotted orchid and self-heal at Bosta beach:

Ragged robin and silverweed:

Bog asphodel on the cliffs:

Ling heather: